Robbie Williams-ANGELS: great song, great performer. What else? He's from the North of England!

I love Northerners! OASIS: Who feels love? This video was shot in Death Valley in California ( U.S.A.):

Brand new Adidas comercial, featuring the greatest, the best DAVID BECKHAM, and Katy Perry....Looks like a good line-up for a party..
Madcon song- Beggin' (I like the rhythm!).

Katy Perry : Hot and Cold ( simple lyrics, great for students for oppostites)

I want to break free: excellent video, amazing Freddie Mercury. R.I.P.

The Buggles: Video killed the radio star

Aint' no mountain high enough: great to sing to in the bath

I miss you: Everything but the girl ( from Hull in England): simply beautiful
Tracy Thorn is wearing a BORING ( aburrido) blue tracksuit but her voice ( =voz) is fantastic!